Dynamics 365 Unified Interface, Web & Entity Icons


A customer recently asked me to provide some information for adding icons to Microsoft Dynamics 365. After a few searches online with various keywords, I found a few resources that would be suitable but were part of different blog posts. Therefore, I have decided to create my own blog post that outlines each of these elements in detail.


Before we dive into the instructions, I would firstly like to confirm the requirements for these icons. Microsoft have mentioned in their Change model-driven app custom entity icons page the three type of entity icons for each entity. In addition to this, I would personally like to suggest the Unified Interface Icon to be the same size as the entity icon.

Change model-driven app custom entity icons

In my opinion, for consistency in your icons, I would recommend SVG as the file type to use. The quickest way this can be achieved for icons that are in a different format (e.g. .jpg, .gif, .png) is to use https://editor.method.ac/. Further details on how this can best be achieved can be found in the Dynamics CRM Tip of the Day blog post.


  1. Navigate to your Dynamics 365 environment directed to you by your organisation.
  2. In the top right hand side of the ribbon, click the Gear and Advanced Settings.
    Advanced Settings
  3. In the top left hand side of the ribbon, click the Settings dropdown and Solutions.
  4. Open the Solution where you are planning to add the icon(s) and open Web Resources.
    Web Resources
  5. Click New and fill out the fields provided in the New Web Resource window.
    New Web Resource window
  6. Click Save then Publish and close the window. Repeat this process for all icons.
  7. In the Solution page, open the Entity you want to add the icons and Update Icons.
    Update Icons
  8. In the Update Icons page, click on the magnifying glass and find the icons you just uploaded.
    Select New Icons
    Select New Icons 2
    After you have selected the icons in the Web Client and Unified Interface, click OK.
  9. Make sure you still have the entity selected where you added those icons and click Publish.
  10. With your Entity icons now in place, you may want to add or update your App icon. While in the same Solution, make sure you have the relevant app added into the Model-driven Apps area and open it.
    Model-driven Apps
  11. In the App Designer Page, click the Properties tab and search for your icon you uploaded earlier.
    App Designer Properties
  12. To complete the app icon settings, make sure you Save, Publish and Save And Close the App Designer.
    Save, Publish and Save And Close


I could not have written this blog without the help from other authors, some of which I have already referenced but would like to recognize them all below.

Microsoft Docs – Change model-driven app custom entity icons – https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powerapps/maker/model-driven-apps/change-custom-entity-icons

D365 Demystified – Change the Unified Interface App Icons – https://d365demystified.com/2019/07/12/change-the-unified-interface-app-icons/

CRM Tip of the Day – Tip #1060: Quickly create vector/SVG images for Dynamics 365 – https://crmtipoftheday.com/1060/quickly-create-vector-svg-images-for-dynamics-365/

Dynamics 365 Help/Support Center is GA!

Yes, that’s right folks. If you haven’t already had a chance to look at this exciting new Dynamics 365 Help + Support Portal you can now. Open https://admin.dynamics.com!


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